Course curriculum

    1. Abunden Tools Overview and Interactions

    2. Planning: From Long-Term Goals to Individual Tasks

    1. Case Study: A Tale of Two CEOs

    2. Case Study: Problem Supervisors become Stars!

    3. Case Study: Staffing Company is Stuck!

    1. Logging In to the Abunden Management Toolbox ©

    2. How to recover your password?

    3. A quick overview of the Abunden Management Toolbox©

    1. Creating an Org Chart with the Abunden Management Toolbox©

    2. Org chart - Small Businesses

    1. Mission Statement

    2. Values and Path

    3. Goals and Direction

    1. Quick overview of the Management Meeting module

    2. Weekly Meetings

    3. Weekly Meetings - Part 2

    4. Introduction to the Discussion Section

    5. Finishing the Management Meeting

    6. What's a KPI?

    7. How to upload a CSV with the KPIs of my business?

The Abunden Tools Course

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